Art from sound light and color sound (word)


What connects our cultures?

How can we grow creatively together?

We see everything through light and its antithesis, darkness.

Man stands at the threshold: will he be able to create a center?

Don’t we want to perceive, understand the world-to-be in its harmony?

Her laws in light, darkness and the colors that form between them in the center that is being created?

Logos (Greek) – word (English) contain light and sound. In our world, light is found in color and sound in tones.


A new method: cymatics from the Greek kyma – wave. How does the world react when we add sound to a material in an experiment? The sound creates new shapes, shapes previously unknown to nature. We can explore everything with cymatics. Everything is viewed with new eyes and appears as the antithesis of forms and movement, conveyed by rhythm.

In the triptychs, we see the opposite of light and darkness, of male and female (left and right). The image in the middle is freedom, painted between the two poles.

The Tone-Circle-Images depict the shape, notes become shape. Visible tone: harmony.

The light organ holds together that which is falling apart in the world. The begin of a new world in which people create a new harmony determined by the sound of light, the color of light in themselves, the world and cultures.


catalogue of exhibitions

Ink on Paper

Johanni Images


Breakthrough to Light

The images of the series “Breakthrough to Light” are intended to describe stages we go through to reach the light. There are stages represented, each imaged from the center and from the periphery. At each stage there is a central perspective and a perspective from the periphery.

With the new method, tones, intervals and passages from compositions are made visible, so that images emerge from the world of sounds. The images themselves are produced by a mixed technique of screen printing with vegetable dyes, and gold and silver.

Tone Circle Images

The Tone-Circle-Images are the fruit of an encounter between art and science when several tones are projected at intervals in a circular form. The Tone-Circle-Images are the acknowledged, visual, scientific representation of complex chords and melodies. The Tone-Circle-Images are a completely new creation. There is no comparable development worldwide. As a “patent” they are in the hands of Dr. Ralf Tita and Atmani.


April 29th – May 2nd

November 2nd – November 5th